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CPR Software, Inc. Announces 2019 Updates for Their Popular MS Excel-based Cost Estimating Software

Jacksonville, FL – January 2, 2019 - CPR Software, a provider of productivity software for construction since 1986, today announced 2019 updates for their popular MS Excel based construction cost estimating software programs.

The updates include new and improved features, functions, usability and reporting in addition to cost data updates reflecting changing material and labor pricing in today’s challenging economic conditions. Help system, User Manual and Step-by-Step tutorial have also been completely reworked to achieve a seamless and productive software experience. The update list also includes:

  • Sales Tax application and reporting

  • New detail reports

  • New quotation reports

  • Renamed reports from generic to descriptive labels

  • Added new cost data for decking, demo, structural and others

  • Updated Help system

  • New Video Tutorial for easy learning

And more…

"Creating an accurate and reliable construction cost estimate has always been difficult and time-consuming; and yet, it is an absolute necessity for the success of the project." said L. Sert, Head of Industry-Specific Applications for CPR Software “In order to streamline the process and give a distinct competitive edge to the estimator, we chose to base our popular cost estimators on the world-renowned productivity tool, Microsoft Excel”.

He added: “A truly effective cost estimating solution must be:

  • Based on a full understanding and methodology of the general construction industry

  • Easy to implement while saving time and providing accuracy you can trust

  • Able to provide essential localized pricing along with flexibility and customization

This is what we totally achieved with our year 2019 updates.”

Hands-on testing has indicated that the updated programs painlessly creates modifiable cost estimate reports based on point and click selections. The programs contain several worksheets containing user modifiable cost data for cost categories covering construction divisions. A user simply has to select from the Lookup screens, thus eliminating the risk of missing important cost items for inclusion in the estimate.

GeneralCOST Estimator for Excel and other Excel-based software products are distributed free on a try-before-you-buy basis.  7-day trial editions are available to download free at:

Upon purchasing the registration license online, a user receives an authorization code to unlock the features of the program. Registration License: $65.00 for GeneralCOST Estimator for Excel. Prices are affordable and vary for other software products.

About CPR Software
CPR Software is a provider of advanced productivity tools for construction since 1986.

Tel: 904-220-0045


Five Common-Sense Rules of Successful Cost Estimating


1.  A good estimate must start with a complete understanding of scope of work followed by an accurate quantity takeoff. It's all too easy to miss out identifying items of work in the project. This may be due to absolutely mundane reasons such as missing drawings, details or specs. It could be due to a misinterpretation of the scope based on an ambiguous statement or comment. Or, it could be due to a more serious reason such as lack of experience in conceptualizing the work to be performed in the field.

2.   Understand your resources and their cost to you – material suppliers, labor force, subcontractors, construction equipment, indirect costs, management.

Easier said than done, this requires a thorough analysis of costs. A cost engineer may very well team up with the comptroller, accountant, field superintendent, project manager, purchasing manager. Even outside labor consultants may be hired to reach cost data to be incorporated in estimates. Remember, such data is not static, but changing in time and periodic review and update is a must.

3.   Evaluate your strength and weakness and establish comparative advantage

This is where the upper echelons of management should participate extensively. Typically, they have the background experience not just within the company but with other companies and industries vis-à-vis competition. Once the main parameters are established, the middle management in collaboration within departments may detail out the analysis and attach workable numbers. These, in turn, become the ammunition of choice for the estimating department so that they can come up with an estimate that is not only sufficiently low but also profitable for the company.

4.   Determine appropriate Overhead and Profit rates

In order to achieve optimal overhead and profit applications, item 3 above has to be completed so that risk factors are established and evaluated. Considering the general description of profit as being the return for taking a risk, it’s essential that it has to be a calculated risk. To arrive at these figures, not only the company cost structure and records must be thoroughly analyzed but also competition must be evaluated. In general, it is not recommended to trim bid figures from overhead and profit since they represent the long term viability of an ongoing business concern.

5.   Use sound estimator’s judgement and keep an open mind and ear

When preparing a bid level estimate, care must be taken to identify not only labor and material cost items shown on the plans, but also labor and cost items that may not be reflected on the plans. This is where good estimating and estimator’s judgement comes into play. It’s allright to consult a project manager, an engineer, a field superintendent and even a simple workman. A few new ideas here and a few there may mean understanding the project better and trimming estimating costs which may in turn mean a winning and profitable bid as opposed to a disappointing loss.

Happy Estimating!



Construction Industry Growth – New Home Building and Remodeling


New home construction and remodeling industry has traditionally been the backbone of construction industry in USA. The field includes single and multi-family homes employing a wide spectrum of trades with work scope including additions, alterations, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair work in addition to all aspects of new building construction.

In part because home building industry touches the lives of all class and income levels, it is imperative that this industry should be stimulated to, once again, act as the backbone of our financial recovery as a nation.

Too much of the overbuilding blame has been attributed to developers and constructers while the real culprit is, in fact, the financiers who bankrolled the irresponsible expansion. There is a natural balance when it comes to home building and improvements. That balance is established through demand and supply. Tinker with demand (through extra low rates, absent qualification or no means scrutiny) and the country ends up with a housing mess that is deep and sticky.

Just as the finance industry put us all in this predicament, it should be them to pull us out. Because, a non-working home industry means a non-working country with high unemployment. And that, is just as bad for the finance industry as it is for the unemployed and underemployed. Let’s all understand this fact and work to eliminate it once and for all.



What to Do Other Than Paint?

How about cost estimating service or professional consulting? You can acquire customers who are general or remodel contractors, startup painting companies, do-it-yourself folks, state or government departments, community colleges and training schools and more. You put your time, know-how and experience to good use and you make money. Along the way, you meet and talk to people, expand your business interests and who knows, even better opportunities may arrive. Remember, you have to know what you are doing and what you are saying. A great painting cost estimating software such as PaintCOST Estimator for Excel can be your effective companion and even your marketing tool.