JobCOST Controller


Job Cost Tracking and Reporting Software for Excel


job cost tracking and reporting software for excel What if you could track and identify cost overruns as they happen and take immediate action to correct them? Project management is all about detailed cost tracking and effective control.

Searching for a construction project management program to:

  • Simplify construction job cost accounting

  • Track construction expenses in real time

  • Get a handle on your project costs before it's too late

  • Identify cost overruns and avoid potential losses

  • Improve profit margins and maximize profits


Try our award-winning software, JobCOST Controller for Excel. It is the right construction jobcost accounting software tool to track job expenses in real time, identify cost overruns effectively and maximize profits.


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Financial accounting systems are good in tallying actual costs and reporting historical data. But, as a contractor or project manager, you need more than that. You need a system that provides:

  • Real time data at your fingertips

  • Budget, actual, committed and forecasted costs

  • Construction progress by category

  • Over budget and under budget activities

  • Detailed Variance reports

  • Timely alerts for potential losses


On Time and On Budget Job Cost Control


As any experienced contractor or project manager knows, construction projects have a way of overshooting budgets. No matter how closely you try to track your expenses, without the right tool at your fingertips, you are usually too late to take effective measures and avoid financial pitfalls. Timely information is essential and profits depend on it.

JobCOST Controller is designed by individuals who have in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and project jobcost control. It is a highly effective tool that provides the right data at the right time – before things get out of hand and expenses mount.


Why Run a Job Without JobCOST Controller?


JobCOST Controller is truly a contractor’s job cost management system. It tracks construction costs by category and enables the owner or manager to know where the project stands as far as profit and loss, take measures to avoid soft spots and pitfalls. Before it's too late...

Using built-in intelligent algorithms, JobCOST Controller accurately forecasts costs at completion and warns for unfavorable variances.


Easy to Use, Highly Effective Project Management


Because JobCOST Controller is based on Microsoft Excel, it is easy to master and there is no learning curve. You already know how to use it. With clear, intuitive data entry screens and instant reporting, you will never be out of touch with your project. That translates to lower expenses and higher profits.

After all, why take all that risk if you can’t close jobs with a good profit.



Key Benefits of Construction Cost Control

  • Convenient MS Excel based for ease and convenience

  • Project management software for construction projects

  • User defined cost categories

  • Identifies progress by cost account

  • Includes budget, actual and committed costs

  • Accurately forecasts costs at project completion

  • Instant, on-screen variance indication from budget figures

  • Warns over budget accounts and variances

  • Helps to avoid losses by identifying problems early

  • Online Help system


System Requirements for JobCOST Controller

  • Desktop or laptop computer running under Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

  • Microsoft Excel 2000-19, Office 365 desktop (32-bit or 64-bit MS Office installation)

  • Compatible printer


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JobCOST Controller  $39.00
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