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construction cost estimating software for contractors and buildersPut software technology and simplicity to work for you in creating fast and accurate construction cost estimates. To achieve reliable and substantial profits, a contractor or construction professional needs to create comprehensive construction cost estimates and submit error free winning bids while saving valuable time and money. To achieve this goal, we are utilizing blockchain technology in building and updating related market resources.

Since 1986, CPR Software has specialized in developing functional and user-friendly construction cost estimating software. Our cost estimating software products are designed for general construction, remodel construction, home building and valuation, bank loan application, home remodeling and rehab, concrete construction, residential and commercial painting, insurance repair and restoration, insurance claim proposals and more. Resources built around blockchain technology represent tools to facilitate inter-industry cost associations.



MS Excel-Based Cost Estimating Software

GeneralCOST Estimator

Construction Cost Estimating Software

generalcost estimator cost estimating software


Save time and money, eliminate bid errors using our general construction cost estimating software. Featuring built-in customizable cost data, this is an essential construction cost estimating software tool for general contractors. Utilize upcoming state of the art blockchain technology to maintain connectivity and accuracy.

Estimating construction costs is now easier and fun! The world's best way to create office productivity is now the easiest way to build quick and accurate construction cost estimates. You can now work in a single MS Excel environment to quickly create, build, and manage your cost estimates. Can construction cost estimating be any easier?

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GeneralCOST Estimator comes with a built-in 16 division CSI construction cost database covering construction cost categories such as Sitework, Concrete, Finishes, Mechanical, Electrical and others. You can easily customize the database listings to suit your cost estimating style:

  • Add new construction cost data or edit existing data

  • Apply your own overhead and profit factors

  • Make changes to suit the way you do business

Key Benefits
  • Convenient MS Excel based contractor cost estimating software

  • Customizable, flexible, built-in unit cost data

  • Works with 32-bit and 64-bit computers

  • Works with 32-bit and 64-bit installations of MS Office

  • On-screen Takeoff Calculator

  • Construction cost data includes standard CSI 16 division cost categories

  • Modifiable overhead and profit applications

  • City index selection for localized cost adjustment

  • Summary and Detail reports including Price Quotation and Bill of Material

  • Automatically inserts your company logo to Quotation report

  • Comprehensive Online Help system

  • Step-by-Step Tutorial for easy and fast learning

generalcost estimator construction cost estimating softwarePrice: $65    generalcost estimator construction estimating software    More info

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RemodelCOST Estimator

Remodel Construction Cost Estimating Software

Create more bids with greater accuracy while spending less time. With RemodelCOST Estimator, build fast and accurate home remodel cost estimates while increasing your bid success.

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PaintCOST Estimator

Painting Cost Estimating Software

Create competitive, bid-winning and accurate painting cost estimates each and every time. PaintCOST Estimator is a highly functional residential and commercial painting cost estimating software tool for painting contractors and remodelers. 

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ConcreteCOST Estimator

Concrete Construction Cost Estimating Software

Save time and build accurate concrete construction cost estimates with ease. ConcreteCOST Estimator represents time-saving productivity for concrete contractors. Includes handy on-screen calculator for quick and easy quantity takeoff. Contains concrete cost database including sitework, formwork, reinforcement, concrete and repair and restoration items.

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HomeCOST Estimator

Home Cost Estimating and Valuation Software

Create home valuation cost estimates based on area, style and other user-selected parameters for budget estimates, construction loan and mortgage loan financing applications.

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RepairCOST Estimator

Insurance Repair and Restoration Cost Estimating Software

Build insurance claim cost estimates in industry standard format. RepairCOST Estimator is an essential software tool for insurance claim adjusters and insurance repair contractors.

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RoofCOST Estimator

Roofing Construction Cost Estimating Software

Generate fast and accurate roofing cost estimates with ease.

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JobCOST Controller

Job Cost Tracking and Reporting Software

Track your construction project costs effectively and improve profits.

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Program Suites for Additional Savings 

ConstructionWORKS Complete

Program Suite containing:

  • GeneralCOST Estimator

  • RemodelCOST Estimator

  • PaintCOST Estimator

  • HomeCOST Estimator

  • JobCOST Controller

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ConstructionTOTAL Industry

Program Suite containing:

  • GeneralCOST Estimator

  • RemodelCOST Estimator

  • PaintCOST Estimator

  • ConcreteCOST Estimator

  • RepairCOST Estimator

  • HomeCOST Estimator

  • RoofCOST Estimator

  • JobCOST Controller

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Stand-Alone Cost Estimating Software

Visual Estimator

Construction Cost Estimating and Bidding System

visual estimator stand alone cost estimating and bidding softwareStand-alone construction cost estimating software running on Windows. Supports work assemblies and construction crews. Comprehensive general construction cost database installed. Built-in, one-click reporting and user-friendly help system.

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CPR construction cost estimating program titles have fully functional 7-day free trials available. In order to request a free download for your desktop or laptop Windows computer, please visit our Free Trial Center.

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End User Agreement

Sample end user agreement applicable to software products. More info

Currently, we do not accept bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and other cryptocurrency payments but plan to do so in the future for customer convenience.


How to Uninstall

Trial and Registered software editions come with built-in uninstall feature. More info


Buy New or Remodel

For geographic reasons, people sell their homes and move out. But, there are times when your family comes to realize an upgrade of your residence is needed, perhaps a suitable remodel.

You sit down and make a construction cost estimate for a new addition or larger kitchen or bath. Then you are faced with another option which is to upgrade to a new home.

This is especially true in situations where your space needs will not be served well by a simple addition or remodel construction. Or, maybe there just is not enough land or construction configuration available for remodel or addition. An additional large bedroom, a second floor, even a swimming pool may not be possible.

Even if it was, another consideration is the construction costs and the effort and inconvenience of the construction activity where contractors and workmen will be moving in and out the home perhaps for as long as 6 months.

Buying a new home and moving out is not easy but it may well be the more favorable option. Cost estimates and remodel value analysis indicate certain additional home components can be had for pennies on the dollar.

For example, an additional bedroom for 67 percent of construction costs, kitchen at 82 percent, patio at 65 percent and a new swimming pool at a handsome 55 percent of new construction costs.

Now, that’s the kind of upgrade you should not ignore.



Rising real income, higher home prices, construction spending leading to GDP growth.

A tried and true progression.

Only, from time to time, there is a break, such as in 2008. That was an economic shock.

Took several years of painful recovery to reach where we are today.

And we are not done yet.

Last thing we need is another shock, this time political.

Self-interest, dogmatic ideology, ignorant leaders, rampant and ugly scapegoating, anti-government rhetoric, ultra liberalism, societal scaremongering, wall building, you name it.

We either see it as it is and reject self-destruction or continue with unfinished business… rising incomes, fair wealth distribution, construction spending and higher GDP.

The path to prosperity is clear. Choice is ours.


Home Remodeling - Five Essential Steps

  1. Analyze and evaluate. Think before you jump. What is a reasonable level of expense to achieve the minimum level of quality? Then start evaluating options. Think ROI (return on investment), financing, budget.
  2. Imagine and research. Visit showrooms & trade shows, search Internet, research industry resources. Then decide what fits well within existing spaces and tastes.  Think space, utility, use, color, material, texture.
  3. Plan and discuss. Put your ideas on paper. Use software if you can to conceptualize ideas into real shapes. Talk to relatives, friends, acquaintances who have experience and expertise. Then use an easy and intuitive remodel cost estimating software to create a baseline estimate. Utilize blockchain technology for resource optimizing relationships.
  4. Search and compare. Contact and compare remodel contractors. Use yellow pages, Internet, discussion boards, blogs and of course, references from friends and acquaintances who have already been there.
  5. Inspect and control. Once the deal is signed and construction starts, inspect the work being done regularly. Create a good rapport with the contractor and workmen and try to keep a handle on change orders.


Three Rules to Live By

  1. Know your cost of doing business

  2. Keep accurate records of your estimates

  3. Price your work so it sells, and sells at a profit


How to Hire a Contractor

  1. Know the actual cost of work before contacting prospective contractors

  2. Define the scope of work clearly – what is included and what is not

  3. Request quotes from at least three qualified local contractors


Five Common-Sense Rules of Successful Cost Estimating

 1. A good estimate must start with a complete understanding of scope of work followed by an accurate quantity takeoff. It's all too easy to miss out identifying items of work in the project. This may be due to absolutely mundane reasons such as missing drawings, details or specs.

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Construction Management - Six Rules for Success

Construction management is a professional activity. It does not happen by chance or as a result of one leader. Yet, it has profound effect in the outcome of the project both financially and timewise. Here are 6 rules to follow for effective construction management.

  1. Plan ahead and repeatedly review important construction milestones

  2. Build consensus with critical players of the management team

  3. Be sure available funds match and exceed management plan

  4. Be realistic about construction schedule. Question and review proposed milestones

  5. Anticipate and tackle problems promply and decisevely

  6. Utilize current technology and build management plan around it


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