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home construction cost estimating and valuation software for ExcelSearching for a quick, easy and accurate building cost estimating software for residential valuation and cost estimates? Try our award-winning building cost estimating software, HomeCOST Estimator for Excel.

Best of building cost estimating and valuation estimating with advanced functions, customizable cost data, city cost adjustments and detailed reporting. Calculate home valuation based on area, style and other user-selected parameters for budget estimates, home equity line of credit, construction loan and mortgage loan financing applications. HomeCOST Estimator has won numerous quality awards for outstanding value in software and offers big savings over the expensive alternatives.



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Prepare building cost estimates for residential construction adjusted for your city, type, class and style of construction. Add more style, type, additional and upgrade descriptions of your own. HomeCOST will recognize custom data and apply accordingly. All using a convenient wizard style interface that is built-in.

Customizable Cost Data Home Cost and Valuation


HomeCOST Estimator comes with a built-in home valuation factors that affect the cost of construction. Often, builders  covering all cost categoriare faced with making proposals with realistic budget estimates, appraisers need consistently applied valuations and contractors demand highly accurate market valuation adjusted for local conditions. HomeCOST Estimator provides all this with an intuitive interface and flexible and customizable cost data.

HomeCOST Estimator is easy to use so that with a step-by-step wizard interface, you can generate a complete valuation cost estimate within minutes.


Key Benefits of HomeCOST Estimator

  • Convenient MS Excel based building cost estimating

  • Customizable, flexible, built-in unit cost data to create home valuation

  • Use HomeCOST Estimator for construction loan and mortgage loan applications

  • Cost data includes type, style, quality of construction

  • Start up wizard interface for ease of use

  • Accurate residential home valuation cost estimates in minutes

  • Online Help system


System Requirements for HomeCOST Estimator

  • Desktop or laptop computer running under Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

  • Microsoft Excel 2000-19, Office 365 desktop (32-bit or 64-bit MS Office installation)

  • Compatible printer


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HomeCOST Estimator $45.00
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